We had such a great time on the ships. Can’t wait to go again someday.



After spending four nights in Stockholm in a room with no windows, it was an extra special treat to have a WINDOW on my first-ever CRUISE! Given, it was only a one-night cruise, it gave me a great taste of cruise travel.

cruise boat window

We chose to travel with Tallink Silja Line on their Silja Serenade from Stockholm to Helsinki which is a 16-hour overnight cruise. Tallink Grupp is the leading European provider of leisure and business travel and sea transportation services in the Baltic Sea region.

Ticket for Silja Serenade Tallink Silja Line

There were parts I loved and other parts I didn’t love so much. Cruise travel is great because it perfectly combines comfort with travel. You have the luxury and freedom to get up, move around, relax and enjoy your holiday with lots of live music, good food and entertainment while literally being on the move. The scenery…

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Chad Photo Essay

Another country i would love to see someday.


Another Central African country I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting. This Photo Essay I post vicariously through my amazing brother, Ammon who had the opportunity to travel to Chad a few years ago. Here are his words about his experience. Enjoy his CHAD photo essay!

“Well, Chad was a unique experience because I went there for a month at the request of a friend to help him with a start-up NGO project that he was working on so it was quite different from the typical travelling around the country. i had the opportunity to be based in a missionary compound in the capital, meet with various NGO groups like the World Health Organization and even visit the relatively restricted town of Abeche in the east.

Chad is very poor and undeveloped and overlooked by most aid organizations as well and had only recently begun paving the roads in the…

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CAR Photo Essay (Central African Republic)

I hope the area gets less unstable soon so the people there are safe and we can go visit.


I personally have not yet made it to Central African Republic, but a few years ago my brother Ammon did. Here are his words on the experience.

“In CAR I was in the border town of Gamboula. It ended up being a day trip from Cameroon. It was cut short because the country was in a state of security deterioration and it was unsafe to continue further. I didn’t have the time anyway as I’d have to backtrack to Cameroon as well. I ended up visiting a Missionary compound (through a contact I had with the missionaries I stayed with in Chad). The American family there was very nice and had me stay for lunch, showed me around the stuff they were doing and then I left again. It’s very poor and undeveloped there and has gotten more unstable since I left.”

Enjoy this #FRIDAYFOTOS photo Essay of Central African…

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#TRLT Tuesday Traveller – JOE BAUR

thanks Joe for this advice. I will keep on smiling.


For today’s #TRLT Tuesday Traveller I am happy to present you with avid traveller Joe Baur! Thank you again, Joe, for taking the time for our #TRLT interview.

Joe is a car-free travel writer and filmmaker who likes to find everything from neighborhoods to countries off the tourist trek. Besides travel writing, he does some speaking and hosts the Without A Path travel podcast. His passion is convincing people to travel outside their comfort zone and laugh a little

Q: Why do you like taking The Road Less Travelled?

A: You’ll always find more interesting stories and experiences on TRLT. For me, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be roughing it in the middle of the jungle (though it can). It can also mean taking on the familiar, but with a unique angle or lens.

Q: What are your top 5 destinations?

A: For very different reasons……

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Belarus Photo Essay

Belarus was a very pleasant surprise for sure. Someday I would like to go back.


Belarus has been on my radar ever since 2016 when we travelled from Ukraine into Poland. At the time we had hoped to visit Belarus but the visa etc was too difficult for us to incorporate into our travels. Ten years later, Mom and I finally were able to enter Belarus, one of the very last countries I hadn’t visited in Europe. I now only have Iceland, Kosovo and Cyprus left to discover!

Belarus was one of the countries in Europe that’s beauty caught me by surprise. I had expected it to be a very square block and even harsh country. Boy was I wrong! The people we met were extremely friendly and willing to help us.

It’s always a bit nerve wracking to enter a country that doesn’t speak your language and even has a different ALPHABET. This didn’t stop us from having a fabulous time and we actually…

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Road Trip to Stockholm

I am ready for another trip! Anyone coming?


Mom and I attended our first European TBEX (travel blogger convention) in Spain last year and immediately afterwards bought our tickets for this year’s in Stockholm, Sweden. A year passed in a snap and before we knew it, TBEX was two weeks away. Then a week!!! And we hadn’t planned a single thing.

As many of you, if not all of you, can relate, life gets madly out of control and overwhelming sometimes. Well, recently my life has been one giant hurricane. Thus, my hesitation to depart on our 10-Country, 10-Capital City Road Trip. Mind you, it was high season, and obviously people were coming to attend TBEX from all over the world too. We hadn’t booked even one night in a hotel, had nothing prepared and only a very rough itinerary. We hummed and hawed for days, “We’re going” “We can’t” “Let’s just do it!” “We’ll never make it”…

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TBEX 2016 in Stockholm, SWEDEN

Truly a great event each year.


Last year Mom and I attended the travel blogger conference #TBEX 2015  in Costa Brava, Spain for our first time. We were looking forward to this year’s European #TBEX 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. Attending TBEX is a great way to meet like-minded people, brainstorm, listen to experts in the travel industry and make future business connections with tourism boards, hotel chains, writers and travel marketers.

TBEX Savannah GraceTBEX

TBEX Stockholm 2016

I always feel VIP being part of TBEX as they arrange so many great perks with the local tourism board and companies in the travel industry. This year we all got a fantastic package with maps, information, free access to museums, local attractions, tours and a pass for all local transit within the city, including the Hop On-Hop Off sight-seeing buses and boats. I instantly knew we hadn’t booked enough time to discover all of Stockholm!

TBEX Stockholm 2016 Hop on hop of boatTBEX Stockholm 2016,

We spent most days inside for the conferences listening…

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